Garden Centre Bruton

Our garden centre in Bruton has a diverse variety of products to keep your garden looking good all year round. From plants and garden supplies through to home accessories and animal feed, Bruton Country Centre do it all. Our informed and helpful team will be able to help you locate what you are looking for and answer any queries you might have. All of our animals are well taken care of and we only stock items of the highest quality. Moreover, we offer unrivalled prices so you will get excellent value for money.

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We have a large variety of plants, from perennials and trees through to bedding plants that will transform your home's outdoor areas.

Garden Supplies

Here at Bruton Country Centre, we have a diverse range of garden supplies, ranging from fertilisers and pest repellent through to gardening tools, so you will not need to go anywhere else.

Pet Supplies

We have pet supplies for many small animals including cats, dogs and other common pets. From pet food and collars through to dog leads, we stock products in various quantities and sizes, so you can rest assured we will have what you are looking for.

DIY and Hardware Store

At our hardware store, we have an extensive range of hardware for DIY projects to choose from. Whether you need a particular hand tool or power tool for a unique project, you will be spoilt for choice here at Bruton Country Centre.

Animal Feed

We supply a wide range of animal feed for chickens and horses to ducks and pigs, in addition to a variety of accessories, so you can be sure we will accommodate your requirements.

Why Choose Bruton Country Centre?

  • We are Bruton’s No.1 specialists in garden plants and garden supplies.
  • Comprehensive range of hardware and DIY products.
  • Friendly and professional staff that will be able to provide any advice you require.
  • Top-quality products available for affordable costs.
  • Free local delivery – ask for details.

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What our customers are saying

  • Great local store that has most basics.

    James Cartwright

    Very good place

    Jamal-Hakeem Dagge

    Very good service, and very friendly staff, would recommend. Huge amount of stock in store.

    Antony Hanford
  • Great shop with a huge variety of stock and the staff are so helpful and friendly.

    Sarah Cook

    Great value on our doorstep. Helpful knowledgable, friendly staff

    Fred Potter

    Beautiful plants and very friendly owner

    George Oberholzer
  • Good all round garden centre

    Malcolm Gliddon

    Bruton country centre is excellent well worth the visit for pet tools and many other supplies including some plants and out door ornaments

    Roger Hawkins

    Very helpful staff, well stocked business

    david kiu
  • You will be surprised what you can get there.

    Carol Walsh

    Great place good selection of plants

    De Alderwick

    Always very helpful, loads of stock, local business, easy to park. What’s not to like? Plus will do their best to order something not in stock. ( within reason)

    Paula Ross
  • What a find! The healthiest plants I’ve seen in a long time and proper old fashioned service and care. I thoroughly recommend this gem of a place to anyone!

    Susanne Disney

    Lovely quality plants and a wide range of stock items. I love the planters, Really helpful service too. I’ll certainly continue to use them long after this lockdown ends.

    Maggie Spitfire

    The range of stock is great and plant quality superb – I always manage to come away with something I didn’t realise I needed until my visit and look around! The staff know their products, and can help you find what you need, and there is always help with heavy loads to the car should you need it. Recently in lockdown, I’ve been able to phone and place an order and have it delivered. Welcoming and friendly – I’d highly recommend.

    Kate Rowe
  • Friendly, helpful people and a well-stocked store. Good array of plants as well as hardware and animal food.

    Jay Greene

    Not visited in person yet due to isolating but we have received beautiful plants, compost etc by local delivery!! Highly recommend

    Jane Flem

    Great shop, ways has what I need, everyone is friendly and helpful. 😁😁😁

    Dan Hewlett
  • Bought some really lovely plants

    Nicola Morris

    Great place

    Jo Goodland

    Great local store. They have most things you need. I get our Christmas tree from here and always get our propane from here too. Really handy for a little town like Bruton.

    Andrew Dibben
  • Great place…

    Callum Nagle

    Excellent store has everything you need. We’ve bought 6 very pretty budgies from here as well .


    I love this store, Adrian is just great, knowledgeable, friendly and fair.

    Graham Downs
  • We travel about 7 miles to buy our chicken food from here. Good parking and helpful staff. Thank you


    Always seems to have what I need or they are happy to order it for you. Great service.

    Kim Haddock

    Great got it all

    Trev Handley
  • Great all round place

    Oliver Kelly

    Exceptional service and amazingly well stockedStaff are always helpful and eager to assist.

    Ross Fowler

    Very helpful and friendly staff

    Wayne Rogers
  • I work here, it’s a lovely shop, we have almost anything you need here, hardware/pet supplies, plants, bulbs. Birds and fish.

    Sandra Mccann

    Great place with very helpful staff.

    Cathy Bere

    Went for a propane refill. Friendly, helpful, good parking & pet supplies

    ezeh beleza
  • This is a great local store. Range of plants, garden features, pet supplies and DIY bits and bobs. Well worth popping in you are bound to find something you need (even if you didn’t realise you needed it before!)

    Helen Cotton

    My best shop in Bruton

    ola morka

    Good selection of products and always really helpful

    Jamie Starr
  • Great range of fairly random stuff for the house, garden and pets. A pop in and realise you really need a pond oxgenator. I went for grass seed

    Helen Cotton

    Really good selection of animal feed, ironmongery, plants and gardening items, cleaning equipment, lightbulbs and general ‘stuff’. Ask if you can’t find things. Very helpful

    Sarah Bailey

    Really useful shop to have on your doorstep. While the big stores are fine for popping off to do your weekly shop you still need somewhere local to pick up odds and 3nds and this place has all sorts of useful stuff from pet foods for almost every sort of animal to diy products, gardening stuff, coal and many other useful products. Reasonably priced and very useful it deserves our support.

    Sean Brady
  • Good shop for diy

    George Sykes

    Worth a look in for a variety of useful stuff

    terry wiltorn

    Good selection of goods, friendly staff

    Steve Hall
  • Just what’s needed in Bruton. Broad selection of animal feedstuffs, tools etc

    Nigel Smith

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